One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the singing of carols. Some sound so different because they are so ancient. We sing many carols that date back over 1500 years. One carol has always seemed a little out of place, and it is one of my favorites. It is Go Tell It On the Mountain. We sang it in my home church throughout the year because it is also a song challenging us to share our faith all over the place.


This carol is not so ancient. In fact it is a Negro spiritual, song by slaves on plantations. Notice the last verse says, “Down in a lowly manger, The humble Christ was born, And God sent us salvation. That blessed Christmas morn.” You can imagine the comfort slaves found in a Savior who came down to earth and shared in our hardships to bring us deliverance. It really is a message worth sharing over the mountains and everywhere.


Let that be our challenge this Christmas season. The greatest gift we can give to someone is to introduce them to the great gift giver Himself.


                        Merry Christmas from the Rowe family to yours,

                         Pastor Kirk