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April 2015

      This Wed., April 8th our church will be making an important decision concerning our parking lot. Our current asphalt has served us well since about the mid-1970s. It has needed to be replaced for several years but this past winter has been particularly rough on it. It not only looks bad but we are concerned too that it is turning into a safety issue given the large cracks. The precise price will be considered at the business meeting but will likely be in the neighborhood of $30,000 dollars. Pray for us as we discuss and make this decision, and also begin to pray for sacrificial giving to this project should it be approved.

   Happy Easter,

   Pastor Kirk

March 2015

     We are almost finished with our “I Am a Church Member” series. Thanks to those who led our small groups and especially those of you who attended one. Your youth and kids have also been having the same lessons during Children’s Church or Youth. That gives you as a family an opportunity put into practice some of the thing you have been learning.


      Why not set the example for the next generation by following up with some action points. First, if you haven’t joined the church prayerfully consider doing so. We live in a low commitment society; but God’s family is worth the commitment. Second, get involved. God does not challenge us to join something just to check our name on or off some list. He calls us to serve each other. Galatians 5:13 says, “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” Are you wanting to find a way to serve but not sure how? Ask me! There are many ways you could get involved and I could help you find your niche. Third, commit to pray for your church leaders and members daily.


       A revival preacher once said, “The difference between listening to a radio sermon and going to church… is almost like the difference between calling your girl on the phone and spending an evening with her.” Come to church Sunday and spend some time with the One you love.    


Pastor Kirk

February 2015

            A pastor was preaching on heaven and hell. He asked those in the congregation to stand with him if they wanted to go to heaven. Everyone stood of course. After they sat down, he asked for all those wanting to go to hell to stand with him. No one stood. For effect he waited a moment in silence. Finally a small boy slowly rose to his feet. The astonished pastor said to the boy, “Surely son, a fine young man like you does not want to go to hell?” The boy answered, “Maybe not sir, but I just couldn’t stand the sight of you standing there all alone.”

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January 2015

   As we begin a new year it seems from my perspective there is not as much celebration going on among us. As a pastor for several years now I can tell you there is ebb and flow in life. Sometimes we ride a beautiful gentle wave that takes us where we want to be with a quiet breeze pushing us along the way. In those times even when the waves pick up, it’s a fun ride and an exciting new adventure. Lately however I have witnessed a lot of rough waters some of our families and individuals are riding on. Some of the families I haven’t seen as often lately or just don’t seem as engaged with others, I come to find out are really being beaten up by life these days. As we enter the New Year they are worried about much bigger issues than resolving to not eat chocolate this year. They are trying to hold on to their health, marriage, their kids, their jobs and so forth.

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One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the singing of carols. Some sound so different because they are so ancient. We sing many carols that date back over 1500 years. One carol has always seemed a little out of place, and it is one of my favorites. It is Go Tell It On the Mountain. We sang it in my home church throughout the year because it is also a song challenging us to share our faith all over the place.


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