I want to use my article this month to invite, encourage and challenge you to join us Nov. 13th for a time of spiritual evaluation, heart searching, dreaming and praying for our church. Many of us have noticed that the past few months we have maintained a lower than average attendance in almost all areas of the church. This problem is not unique to us. In fact, according to the Leavell Center for Evangelism and Church Health, of the more than 42,000 Southern Baptist churches in North America, fewer than 13,000 of them are growing. In other words, 70 percent of Southern Baptist churches are plateaued or declining. While that statisticis not encouraging, I am encouraged that many of you are wanting us to be in the 30 percent that are growing. You want to see us maintain healthy relationships among our current members and reach the growing number of lost in our community.


We want to set aside some time that evening to do some evaluating, open discussion, and praying as a group. We will have a light meal at 5:30 p.m. and begin to meet at 6:30 p.m. We will make a nursery available if you let us know ahead of time you will need it. This gathering of the minds and spirits is not just for leaders, it is open to everyone. Set the time on your calendar today.


Begin praying today for our time together.

Pastor Kirk





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